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Call us: (757) 465-8338

Call us: (757) 465-8338

New rack material in the warehouse - New Equipment

New Equipment​

The Best In New Equipment From Coastal Material Handling

Our inventory of new equipment will help your business meet all of your storage and facility needs. We keep new material and equipment in stock for our customers and if needed, we will order new from the manufacturer based on your requirements and specifications.

You can rely on Coastal Material Handling to fulfill all of your Material Handling Equipment needs.   We sell and service these products with the safety and efficiency of your warehouse in mind.  In fact, we offer planning and design services so you receive the best and most comprehensive customer service experience available today. Contact us to get started.

New Equipment - new pallet rack
New Pallet Rack

When your business requires the purchase of new pallet racks, we have everything needed to meet your requirements and specifications. Call us for the most comprehensive options in new equipment and racking.


new shelf
New Shelving

Discover the perfect solution for your storage needs with our high-quality new shelving options.


a photo from inside the rack
New Wire Deck​

Upgrade your storage system with new wire deck solutions, designed to maximize efficiency and safety.

New Equipment - new pallet jacks
New Pallet Jacks

Elevate your material handling capabilities with our new pallet jacks, designed to streamline your operations.


guard rail - New Equipment
New Guardrail Rack & Protection

Upgrade your storage space and protect your new equipment with our guardrail and rack protection solutions. Coastal Material Handling solutions are designed to ensure the safety of your racking systems, products and personnel.


CMH Team in the Conference Room

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Our team is ready and available to help with any of your Material Handling needs.
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