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Call us: (757) 465-8338

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Used Pallet Rack

Whether you’re looking for complete pallet racking systems or just replacing existing pallet rack beams and uprights, we have used pallet racking in great shape to make the most out of your warehouse space at an affordable price point.  Used Pallet Racking can be a great warehouse racking solution on a budget.  CMH has used racking for sale and in stock, ready for you.

Why Choose Used Pallet Racking?

Pallet racks, selective racks, flow racks, drive-in racks, and other industrial racks, when properly maintained, can last for many years. Whether you are adding a facility, moving to a larger warehouse space, or looking to maximize your storage and space usage, used industrial pallet racking can offer you a cost-effective solution, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Buying used can be a smart and affordable business decision.

Pallet racks are constructed to meet your demands for weight, height, and capacity, which allows for appropriate and safe loading and storage. By optimizing your warehouse with pallet racking systems you’ll reserve space allowing for safe passage and access of forklifts in aisles. Every used pallet racking system that CMH sells is given a full inspection prior to shipment.

Popular Styles/Brands We Carry:

  • Teardrop
  • Structural
  • Keystone
  • Shaved Rivet
  • Interlake
  • Mecalux
  • Ridg-U-Rack
  • Republic
  • Sturdi-Bilt
  • Speedrack
  • Husky
  • Tri-Boro
  • Penco
  • Kingway
  • Hi-Line
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Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of purchasing used pallet racking is the cost savings. Used pallet racks are typically available at a lower price compared to new ones, allowing you to stretch your budget and allocate funds to other areas of your business. This can be a significant advantage for businesses that need to expand their storage capacity but don’t have the resources to invest in new equipment.

Immediate Availability

We have used pallet racks readily available in stock. You don’t have to wait for manufacturing or shipping times associated with new racks. This means you can quickly acquire the racks you need and set up your warehouse without delay. Reducing the lead time and allowing you to fulfill any immediate storage needs or wants to expedite your warehouse setup.  We have used racking for sale that will suit your warehouse at a great price.

Flexibility and Variety

Used pallet racks offer a wide range of options in terms of sizes, configurations, and brands. This provides you with the flexibility to choose racks that specifically meet your warehouse requirements. If your requirements do change or you need to expand your storage capacity, used pallet racks are a cost-effective solution. You can easily find compatible racks to add to your existing setup or reconfigure the layout as needed.

Time-Tested Reliability and Performance

Used pallet racks that have served in previous warehouses have already proven their reliability. If they have been properly maintained, they can continue to offer efficient storage solutions in your warehouse for years to come providing reliable performance and durability similar to new ones. We inspect the racks before they ship to ensure they meet your quality standards.

Rack Identifiers

Need to identify the Pallet Rack you already have? Here’s a handy guide. The pictures below will show you the basics.

Remember to measure the depth of the upright, the height of the face of the beam and the vertical distance from center to center of the beam connector holes. This will help us find the right rack to match your existing material.

rack identifier
rack identifier

FAQ’s About Used Pallet Racking

What Is Teardrop Pallet Rack?

A teardrop pallet rack is a storage shelving system typically found in warehouses. It uses an inverted teardrop shaped hole connector to secure the shelving beams in place without any hardware needed. Call CMH at (757) 465-8338 so we can assist you in getting the right pallet rack system for your application.  We offer used racking for sale with quick service and affordable pricing.

What Is Selective Pallet Rack?

The most common style of pallet rack, Selective Pallet Rack is designed for high-density warehouses that store a large variety of products. This type of racking system provides 100% access to all pallet positions at all times without having to move other pallets. Selective rack is easy to install and easy to reconfigure should storage dimensions change.

Drive-In Rack?

Drive-In Rack is a narrow storage system best for applications that utilize the “Last In, First Out” (or LIFO) method of inventory control. Pallets are stored on rails and access to the pallets is from the front. Consequently, pallets are stored back to back which creates a dense storage area. Drive-in rack is ideal for products that ship in and out of the warehouse quickly.

Push-Back Rack?

Push-Back Rack, much like Drive-In Rack, utilizes the LIFO method of inventory control. Pallets are stored on carts which move along rails. Unlike selective rack, which stores in a single pallet deep system, push-back rack can store pallets 2-5 deep. When the first skid or pallet is picked, material behind gently rolls forward on rails. All levels are accessible individually. storage area. Drive-in rack is ideal for products that ship in and out of the warehouse quickly.

Pallet Flow Rack?

Pallet Flow Rack is a combination of elevated rails, wheels, and rollers. This offers a high-density storage system which is ideal for operations using the “First In, First Out” (or FIFO) method of inventory control. Warehouses with minimal space are ideal for pallet flow rack, as aisle space can be reduced by as much as 75%. When the pallet is picked, material behind gently rolls forward on rails. All levels are accessible individually. storage area. 

What Is The Difference Between Pallet Rack And Industrial Shelving?

Industrial Shelving is used for storing small parts and boxes that will be loaded by hand. Ideal for operations that don’t have room for, or access to a powered lift. These shelving units can be free-standing or bolted together. Pallet racks are heavy duty storage racks found in warehouses, distribution centers, and big-box retailers. Product is stored on pallets and loaded with a forklift or other powered industrial truck. Pallet rack is taller and wider than shelving.

Is There A Standard Size For Pallet Rack?

There is no single standard size for pallet rack as it depends on your specifications. However, most common height for pallet rack frames is 16′. We supply frames available from 8′ all the way to 60′ high. Depths range from 18″-72″. Pallet rack beams range in length from 4′ to 16′, with the most common beams being between 8′ and 12′ long, depending on the application.

Should I Use Wire Decking With My Pallet Racks?

Wire decking is the recommended material for pallet rack decking, especially considering many municipalities have local fire codes requiring the use of wire decking.

What Are Row Spacers?

Row Spacers provide a consistent amount of distance between two rows of pallet rack. They have a flange on each end to secure the spacer to the frame. Row spacers should be installed when there are multiple bays in a continuous row.

What Is Pallet Rack Netting?

Pallet Rack Netting is hung behind or underneath a pallet rack system, preventing product that has fallen off the racks from making it all the way to the ground. This protects your employees from injury as well as potentially reducing damage to fallen product.

Should I Anchor My Pallet Rack System To The Floor?

Yes. You should always anchor your pallet rack to the floor. The footplates on your uprights offer specific locations to place your anchors, which are essential to prevent the entire rack system from falling over as well as for enforcing uniform aisle spacing.

How Do I Determine What Size Racks I Will Need?

It is easy to figure out what size rack you will need. First, determine the load depth, width, and height of your pallets. Then, call CMH at (757) 465-8338 to assist you in getting the right pallet rack system for your application. We offer used racking for sale with quick service and affordable pricing.

Are Used Pallet Racks Safe?

Yes, used pallet racks from Coastal Material Handling are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet all relevant safety regulations. They are designed to safely store heavy loads and we offer appropriate safety accessories, such as rack guards and column protectors, to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.   Call CMH at (757) 465-8338 so we can assist you in getting the right pallet rack system for your application.  We offer used racking for sale with quick service and affordable pricing.

Do You Ship Material?

Yes, we ship pallet racks both locally and nationwide. For more information regarding shipping please call our sales team at 757-465-8338. 

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