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New Guardrail and Rack Protection

Upgrade your storage space with our new rack protection solutions, designed to ensure the safety of your products and personnel. Before buying anywhere else, give us a call!

Why Choose New Guardrail and Rack Protection?

It is extremely important to take preventative measures with any type of racking systems. Specifically, rack protection will prevent or reduce damage to racks, essentially minimizing the downtime it takes to repair damaged racking equipment. Furthermore, these protectors are quick and easy to install. By protecting racking systems from warehouse vehicle collisions with forklifts, you’ll be able to prevent any damage that may harm the rack’s structural integrity. From the standpoint of warehouse safety, any damage to a racking system could potentially put the rack at risk of falling. Consequently, that endangers the safety of your warehouse employees.

Not only will rack protection equipment protect your racking systems to give them a longer life, but it can also protect the safety of your employees. Additionally, you’ll increase productivity and efficiency in your business’s warehouse operations while providing a safe working environment for your team.

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rack protector
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Guard Rails Rack Protection

Benefits of Guardrail and Rack Protection

Damage Prevention

Protect your valuable inventory from accidental impacts and collisions, minimizing the risk of costly damages. Industrial rack protection safeguards the inventory stored on the racks. This is especially crucial for items that are fragile, perishable, or high-value. By preventing damage to inventory, businesses can avoid costly losses and maintain product quality.

Durability and Installation

Our high-quality protection measures are built to withstand some impact, ensuring extended product lifespan. The team at Coastal Material Handling professionally studies usage patterns to determine where to place protection.  Well planned storage protection minimizes potential downtime and disruptions. Furthermore, our planning increases your warehouse efficiency.


Tailor the protection to fit your specific storage needs and configurations, ensuring optimal coverage. There are various types of solutions available, allowing businesses to choose products that best suit their specific needs. These options include rack guards, post protectors, end-of-aisle protectors, and more, each designed for different types of rack systems and potential hazards.

Personnel Safety

Create a safer work environment by helping to prevent accidents and injuries caused by collisions or falling objects. Additionally, protecting industrial racks helps prevent accidents and injuries. Specifically, when racks are properly protected, the risk of racks collapsing, products falling, or forklift collisions is significantly reduced. Consequently, this creates a safer working environment for employees.

FAQ’s About Guardrail And Rack Protection

Why are Guardrails and Protection Important?

Protective measures are important because they help prevent accidents, protect valuable inventory, reduce maintenance costs, and they extend the lifespan of rack systems. It also helps businesses comply with safety regulations.

Do I Need These Protective Measures If I Use Forklifts In My Warehouse Or Facility?

Yes, if forklifts or other heavy equipment are used in your facility, rack protection is essential. Forklift collisions are a common cause of rack damage and accidents, which can be costly and dangerous.

How Does Rack Protection Protect Personnel?

Best practices prevent accidents that can result in injuries to workers. By creating a barrier between workers and racks, guardrails and other protective measures reduce the risk of objects falling from racks or racks collapsing due to impacts.

How Can I Determine The Right Types Of Protection For My Facility?

Determining the right fit for your warehouse involves assessing your specific rack layout, the types of hazards present, and your budget. Consult with a member of the CMH sales team to make an informed decision.

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