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New wire decks

New Wire Deck

Wire Deck enhances storage solutions

Enhance your storage solutions with new wire deck systems. Our inventory of new wire decking comes in various sizes and styles.  Consequently, it’s simple to outfit your pallet racking system. No matter what type or size of decking you need for your next project, whether it’s big or it’s small, we can help.

Why Choose New Wire Decks?

Wire deck systems are designed to maximize efficiency and safety. Furthermore, these decking systems are easy to install and are an essential component of any pallet racking system. In addition, wire decks have become a cornerstone in modern warehouse storage solutions, offering a blend of versatility, strength, and practicality that’s hard to match. Crafted from welded steel wires, wire decking forms a secure yet open surface that supports various loads while allowing light, air, and water to pass through. Consequently, this design prevents dust accumulation and enhances visibility, ensuring a cleaner and more organized storage environment. With its adaptable nature, wire decking streamlines inventory management, order picking, and storage optimization, thus making it a key piece in modern warehousing solutions.

There are many types of wire decking, including the following:

  • Waterfall wire decking
  • Flared decking for box/structural beams
  • Inside waterfall decking
  • Flush decking
  • Inverted channel wire decking
  • Upturned waterfall decking
New wire decks
new wire decks stacked in warehouse
new wire decks stacked in plastic
new wire decks stacked with pallets

Benefits of Wire Decking

Enhanced Visibility and Airflow

The open design of wire decks provides unparalleled visibility within the storage area. This visibility simplifies inventory management, allowing for quick visual identification of products. Moreover, the gaps between wires facilitate improved airflow, reducing the accumulation of dust and debris ensuring a safer cleaner storage environment.

Load Stability and Durability

Wire decks offer remarkable load-bearing capabilities, making them suitable for storing both lightweight and heavy items. Their robust construction ensures that products remain stable and secure, minimizing the risk of damage or accidents. This durability translates to longevity, providing a reliable storage solution that stands the test of time.

Safety and Fire Prevention

Wire decking contributes to fire prevention by allowing sprinkler systems to penetrate through the racks, thus reaching lower levels in case of fire emergencies. Additionally, their open design helps minimize the risk of fire spreading rapidly, thereby adding an extra layer of safety to the warehouse environment.

Improved Order Picking and Loading

Wire decks create a stable surface for items, thereby facilitating efficient order picking and loading processes. Moreover, with a flat and even surface, products are less likely to tip or fall, leading to smoother operations and reducing the potential for errors.

FAQ’s About Wire Decks

What Is Wire Decking?

Wire deck, also known as wire mesh, is a popular surface for use in racking systems. It provides a safe surface for pallets and other material storage items. You can often find wire decking used in warehouse environments, distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

What Size Wire Decks Do I Need For My Pallet Racking?

The depth of the wire decking must match up to the depth of the pallet rack frames and the width of the wire decking depends on the length of the beams. Some common depths include: 36”, 42”, 44”, and 48”.

Do You Need Special Pallet Racking For Wire Decking?

No. Wire decks can be installed on almost every existing standard pallet rack styles.

What Are Some Advantages to Wire Decking vs. Wood Decking?

It’s fairly common to see wood decking used as a cheaper alternative to wire decking. While wood decking can sometimes be more cost-effective, you’ll discover that significant safety concerns may develop:

First, falling objects — Wire decking installation helps prevent loose objects from falling through. It is sturdy and, when finished with zinc, weather-resistant. In contrast, wood decking installations can warp, break, or deteriorate over time, meaning objects can fall.

Second, fire safety — In warehouse environments, it’s crucial to put safety first. Wood decking can be a fire hazard and, because it is solid, can stop sprinklers from reaching all levels of the rack in the event of a fire.

Are Wire Decks Good For Heavier Materials?

Yes. Wire Decking is a great solution for heavier items.

What Material Is Wire Decking?

Most of the time, manufacturers make wire decking from galvanized steel mesh. This adds an extra layer of protection to the steel construction, making galvanized wire decking an excellent choice for both indoor or outdoor storage environments.

Do You Ship Material?

Yes, we ship pallet racks both locally and nationwide. For more information regarding shipping please call our sales team at 757-465-8338. 

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