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Call us: (757) 465-8338

Call us: (757) 465-8338

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Warehouse Design & Consulting

CMH has an expert team for warehouse design

Trust your next project to CMH with our professional warehouse consulting services.

Warehouse Design Made Easy

One of the fundamental factors that differentiates a highly productive and efficient warehouse from an inefficient one is the strategic layout of the facility. The ideal warehouse layout ensures optimum utilization of space and easy accessibility to improve workflow and increase overall productivity. It is therefore important to have a proper, professional warehouse layout and design.  The design will serve as the blueprint for guiding the construction of one’s warehouse every step of the way.

Coastal Material Handling will design your warehouse layout so you can have peace of mind knowing that specialists are working on designing the perfect layout for your facility. CMH uses updated computer software to help create layouts for your material handling projects. These drawings help our customers visualize their projects before they begin. There is no better way to conceptualize your warehouse than having the ability to see and assess it before construction begins. Our sales team will review your project to best optimize your warehouse space. No matter the size of your warehouse, know that CMH will make sure your warehouse will have:

  • Easy flow across the warehouse or storage facility
  • Easy accessibility to contents being stored and shipped
  • Enhanced space utilization


CMH will ensure you get the maximum storage capacity and efficiency out of your space. A visit to your facility will allow us to review the product size and capacity handled, your forklift fleet, the footprint of your space, and assess your overall goals.

Precise Design​

Enhanced Utilization​

Peace of Mind​

Maximum Efficiency

Why Our Service is the Best

Our qualified storage experts will perform a thorough assessment of your project to tackle any possible issues and address all your expectations. Our talented team brings their expertise and years of industry knowledge to identify the right solutions for maximizing your space and providing you with the right storage systems tailored to your needs.

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